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Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Life is full of challenges. For those dealing with lymphedema or other swelling issues these challenges are multiplied and may lead to financial hardship, including an inability to pay for essential care or products to manage their conditions.

Our goal is to improve quality of life. To continue supporting this goal, we are expanding and improving our charity program: BiaCare Gives Back. BiaCare gives back is dedicated to providing garments to patients in need of financial assistance.

The BiaCare Gives Back program works with a patient’s therapist or other medical professional to identify their needs and select the best product to meet their needs. In an effort to share resources with as many patients as possible, we request that patients participate in the program through the form of a discount. If the patient is unable to participate financially a product may be provided free of charge. To find out more about eligibility and policies, please refer to the sections below.   
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1) Submissions MUST be submitted by a patient’s therapist or other medical service provider. Applications submitted by individuals on behalf of themselves will not be processed. 

2) The information submitted must be timely, complete and accurate. Submission containing faulty or incomplete information may be rejected.

3) If additional patient information is needed and is not provided within a reasonable time frame, the submission may be rejected.

4) BiaCare may contact therapists to discuss alternative garments if the requested garment is not suitable to treat the specified conditions.

5) Due to the significant cost and labor associated with MedAssist custom products, patients or an approved sponsor MUST provide 50% of the total dealer cost for the product. MedAssist custom products are not available for a full donation.

6) On rare occasions (unforeseen production staff or inventory shortages), circumstances outside of BiaCare’s control might cause a donation to be delayed or, in extreme cases, canceled. 

To qualify for the BiaCare Gives Back program, patients must meet the following qualifications:

1) Patients must meet hardship standards, which include being unable to use insurance to cover the cost of garments and lacking the necessary income or access to funds that would cover the cost of garments.

We ask that therapists provide a detailed description of the patient’s conditions and reasons for eligibility. Additionally, we require an evaluation after the garment has been in use for at least one month. These descriptions and evaluations help us understand the patient’s situation and personal story. These stories will be shared in our newsletters and across our social media channels to help promote the charity program and effectively communicate the value of our products.
Click HERE to download the application or submit an e-application (preferred) below. Please scan and e-mail physical applications to
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Eligibility Qualification Form

  • Including the full first name of the patient is considered a HIPAA violation. Any submissions including the full last name will be automatically rejected.
  • Please specify which product (and associated item number, if known) the patient needs.
  • Please provide a detailed description of the medical conditions currently affecting the patient.
  • Please describe in detail the hardship circumstance(s) that qualify the individual requesting participation in the BiaCare Gives Back program.
    Please choose which option the qualifying individual is applying for.
    This information may be published on the BiaCare website, or used in any other way deemed appropriate by BiaCare. The patient and/or care provider relinquish all rights to the patient information as part of the conditions of accepting a free or discounted product. BiaCare will use the utmost discretion and maintain compliance with all applicable laws when publishing patient information. For example. BiaCare will never use the full name of the patient, or include any photographs of a patient’s face. I have fully read, understood and executed this agreement freely and voluntarily. By submitting my signature I accept all terms and conditions of this agreement.