Natural Latex
All BiaCare products are 100% free of natural latex, with the exception of CompreShorts.
Many BiaCare products contain synthetic materials. If an allergy to synthetic materials exists, please see your medical professional before ordering.
Allergic Symptoms vs. Rash
Compression garments can create pressures of 30-40 mmHg, which may increase skin tempurature. If the limb is not clean and dry, the increased pressure may result in redness of the skin, itching, irritation, and other symptoms that are similar to symptoms of an allergic reaction. It is important to keep the compression garment and the skin clean and dry, and to follow the isntructions with regard to reduce the risk of non-allergenic adverse reaction.
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available upon request. 

All BiaCare products are compliant with applicable FDA standards.