BiaCare compression wear products have been clinically shown to be effective in the management of lymphedema. Reference: Physical Therapy Magazine, Vol. 86 N. 8, Aug. 2006 Care Report, MedAssist customer lower extremity comrpession wear used to manage lymphedema during decongestive phase of treatment. 
Chronic Venous Insufficiency & Venous Stasis 
While there are not yet any case reports of clinical studies on the efficacy of BiaCare compression wear products in the management of venous insufficiency, there are numerous clinical studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the use of low-stretch or non-stretch materials to manage edema, for example: Clinical evidence that venous ulcers healed more rapidly with compression than without. 

Compression for Venous Leg Ulcers 
Compression increases ulcer healing rates compared with no compression. Multi-component systems are more effective than single-component. Systems containing an elastic bandage appear more effective than those composed mainly of inelastic constituents. See: compression increases ulcer healing rates compared with no compression.

Compression increases ulcer healing rates compared with no compression. Multi-layered systems are more effective than single-layered systems. High compression is more effective than low comrpession but there are no clear difference in the effectiveness of different types of compression. Cochrane Database Sys. Rev. 2001;(2):CD000265. Compression for venous leg ulcers. 

Head & Neck Compression 
Regarding the use of compression garments to treat head and neck swelling, “our data over the past 6 years show that more than half the patients demonstrate improvement on their first follow-up visit, and more than 70% show an overall reduction in lymphedema if the patient has been complaint with the treatment program.” – Jan S. Lewin, Ph.D., Department of Head and Neck Surgery and Chief of the Section of Speech Pathology and Audiology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Specialized Care IMproves Lives of Patients with Head and Neck Lymphedema.