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Compression garments are one of the best options for treating the symptoms of lymphedema. Because they are economical and effective, compression stockings, garments and bandaging are the most common treatment methods prescribed for lymphedema patients. Patients that are compliant often experience amazing results. Unfortunately, many treatment methods have a very low compliance rate, which leaves the patient suffering with a worsening condition. The worse the condition gets, the lower the chance that patients will comply. After all, if the results are poor then why continue doing something that is uncomfortable or inconvenient?   READ MORE >>>
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Together over coming the challenges of lymphedema
March 17, 2016 – Posted by Chandler Karadsheh
Lymphedema as a Lifestyle Change
Overcoming Compliance Obstacles: Part 1
With the support of friends and family, we hope that many patients will have an easier time handling other issues that might make them less compliant. To provide additional support for patient and therapist efforts, we are using this blog to address common compliance issues. This article is the first in a five part series on the subject of compliance. Each article will focus on one specific reason for non-compliance and offer solutions to help adhere to compression treatment. This week we’re honing in on donning and doffing difficulties.   READ MORE >>>
March 17, 2016 – Posted by Chandler Karadsheh
Let’s be Unbeatable
March 11, 2016 – Posted by Chandler Karadsheh
The mission of our company is also the mission of this blog, our videos, our social media, and all the content we produce. We want patients, therapists and caregivers to have access to the expert information and encouragement they need to cope with lymphedema and other conditions. Here at BiaCare many of our lives have been affected by lymphedema or cancer and we know how difficult daily life can be. We want to be supportive and help you meet your daily challenges head on.   READ MORE >>>
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