2015 was a year of continued product refinement to ensure that our products provide the best value and quality possible. We also introduced a custom ChipSleeve line to help patients that do not fit into standard sizes. As growth continues, BiaCare has added new staff members across all departments. BiaCare also underwent a major branding overhaul that introduced an updated company logo, new brand logos and a revitalized corporate color palette.
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The year 2014 kicked off with a new product, the CompreFLEX-LITE, which is approved for coverage by Medicare under the venous ulcers code. 2014 was a year of record growth, and to better serve our customers BiaCare added new positions in marketing and production. The staff continues to grow as we settle into our new space! 
The defining event of 2013 was our big move to a new location. The building on the adjoining lot to our leased space became available, which includes two commercial buildings with a combined space of approximately 20,000 square feet. We hope this new space will last for the next few years as we continue growing. Amidst the business of moving, BiaCare managed to introduce the ChipVest, a compression product for truncal lymphedema.
2011 and 2012 were a period of intense product development. BiaCare developed and introduced the ChipSleeve line and the CompreFLEX – BK to expand our offerings for all stages of lymphedema. Again, we found ourselves with space constraints.

The GeniFit line of pads is introduced to treat genital edema. The CompreBoot PLUS was also developed for patients who needed a stadard size foot compression product with foam.

BiaCare leases a new space in the same building with over twice the square footage. BiaCare completes its line of compression supplies by offering a full range of Stockinette, padding, and short-stretch bandages. A significant investment in production capability is made to keep up with growth. Marketing efforts are also increased, with BiaCare exhibiting at 5 national medical conventions, as well as several regional events.

New product development accelerates at BiaCare and the MedaFit line is introduced to help patients manage chronic lymphedema with firm, gradient compression. Several positions were added, and it became clear that more space was needed.

BiaCare Corporation (formerly Compression Design) was officially incorporated and relocated to a larger facility. Also, the CompreFit product line was introduced to provide a low cost, non-stretch compression product for lower extremity edema. CompreFit soon became the leading product made by BiaCare. Also, BiaCare begins selling proprietary bandage supply products.

MedAssist, the leading brand of custom compression wear became available, and after a brief negotiation, was acquired. The MedAssist line included the ArmAssist, the LegAssist, and the MedaBoot products. Acquiring the MedAssist line immediately provided a national presence as many leading clinicians had come to know and trust the brand as one that was reasonably priced, was easy to use, and produced excellent clinical results.

The first night time compression sleeve for lymphedema was introduced at the National Lymphedema Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The “NightSleeve”, the precursor to the CompreSleeve, received enthusiastic response and so the story began.